Never Let Go SHEET MUSIC BY Josh Groban

Never Let Go

Josh Groban

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2,092 previous downloads

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Free PDF download of Never Let Go PIANO SHEET MUSIC BY Josh Groban

This is free piano sheet music for Never Let Go, Josh Groban provided by

Never Let Go is the first single released by the progressive rock band Camel in November 1972. The B-side of the single is the Peter Bardens song "Curiosity. " It is from their debut album Camel (1973) and it is considered as their most memorable and well-known song. In addition to the single version, cut down from the album version, the band has recorded live versions of the song on three different live albums and it was contained in a compilation. The song is considered the band's most popular song to perform live. Writing the song is credited to guitarist Andrew Latimer.

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