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"Mary Ann" was the British entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1979, performed in English by Black Lace. The song is about a man who loves a woman called Mary Ann, but can't express his sentiment to her. The song was performed 17th on the night, following Norway's Anita Skorgan with "Oliver" and preceding Austria's Christina Simon with "Heute in Jerusalem". Despite taking the lead after Denmark had awarded the song 10 points, at the close of voting, it had received 73 points, placing it seventh in a field of 19. Norway also awarded the song 10 points, the highest marks received. The single reached No.42 in the UK charts, the lowest placing for a Eurovision entrant in many years, although Black Lace went on to greater chart success in the 1980s. It was succeeded as British representative at the 1980 Contest by Prima Donna with "Love Enough for Two".

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