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Franz Liszt's Grand galop chromatique, S.219, from 1838 in E-flat major is one of his typical bravura pieces that would have brought the house down during his European concert tours. Liszt is not the only composer who has written flashy galops. Johann Strauss, Lanner and even Schubert left us galops. A galop was a very popular quick dance in which the partners were joining a line of dance circling around rapidly in springing steps, not unlike galloping horses. The galop was especially popular in Vienna during the first half of the 19th century. The galop chromatique was published in 1838 as a piano solo version and also as a piano duet version. A simplified version for piano solo also exists as S.219bis. Liszt's idea to employ chromaticism to heighten the effect of virtuoso excitement is very clever and shows how the composer's inspiration at that period was driven by pianistic instinct and expertise. The galop chromatique was Liszt's "war-horse" during his flamboyant years and its effect on the audience was mesmerizing. Among 20th century pianists, Gyorgy Cziffra notably attained enormous audience success with this piece.

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